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My name is Yann LOSSOUARN

Currently, I'm employed at

My mission? As a seasoned User Experience Researcher & Designer, I assist you in making your web, mobile and desktop applications intuitive, highly efficient and simply great !

As a scientist, I use reliable and pragmatic methods to conduct user research, and perform design activities that will improve your users' experience.

And as a free and open-source hardware and software advocate and a geek I know how (and ❤️) talking with tech people about how to implement my recommendations, or find alternatives.

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What can I do for your apps and users?

User research

The map is not the territory. User research methods are there to yield reliable and trustworthy insights about your users' knowledge, motivations, needs, issues, constraints and behaviours regarding their tasks.

  • User interviews
  • Field studies
  • Diary studies
  • Surveys
  • Card sorting

Design (or redesign) your application

  • Wireframes
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Design system
  • Developer hand-off

Evaluate your application

Depending on the project context and maturity, several methods may be used. The purpose is the same : determine whether a design will allow users to be successful at their tasks with your application.

  • Usability audit
  • Accessibility audit
  • User testing
  • A/B testing

Train your teams

Training your crew is beneficial on the long term, because it prevents some errors from being made during future design activities. Moreover, product owners and developers appreciate to take a fresh look on their application purpose.

  • Accessibility
  • Design for usability
  • Guerilla testing methods